THINK18 Recap


On the evening of October 18th 2018, Clearwater Capital Partners welcomed over 350 guests to our THINK18 event. Clearwater Capital’s THINK events are quite different from our annual Strategy Symposiums, which are focused on macro economic conditions. The THINK series is geared to be a one-of-a-kind thought leadership presentations. Our goal is to provide our guests with a unique experience and challenge their perspectives on both the world around them and their own lives.

This year’s THINK18 event brought Hall of Fame Astronaut, Scott Altman, to the stage alongside John Chapman, Clearwater Capital’s CEO. Scott has enjoyed an extraordinary career in service to our country. His many achievements however, did not materialize overnight or materialize by chance. His journey was one that required clarity, conviction, and commitment.

Clients of Clearwater Capital know that our client relationships are built around what we call Clearwater C3. This disciplined process is comprised of Clarity, Conviction, and Commitment. From these 3 C’s we establish a framework for deliberate and intelligent decision making.

Scott Altman was chosen to speak to the audience for THINK18 because his own career exemplified Clearwater C3. Scott achieved his dreams through an unwavering Commitment to an intelligent plan formed by deep Clarity and Conviction.

Similarly, our clients do not become financially independent, living work optional lifestyles, overnight or by accident. Financial success is only possible as the result of deliberate planning and consistent execution. Scott’s career serves as a ideal, yet “outside the box”, example of the

Clearwater C3 process. Let’s take a closer look . . .


Scott possessed unusual Clarity about his ambitions at a very young age. He shared with the audience that he had specific dreams of becoming an astronaut when he was just 3 years old. At this young age he made drawings depicting what he would look like once he made it to space. Such Clarity is also the starting point for achieving financial success. Intelligent planning and effective strategies take root in Clarity. Knowing the primary objectives, timelines, resources and parameters of the individual case is a critical first step. This Clarity will instruct the entire planning process. Conversely, a lack of Clarity too often produces ill-conceived solutions in search of a problem.


Conviction is a firmly held belief or opinion. Once Scott had Clarity that he wanted to be an astronaut, he had to develop Conviction about how to best achieve his dream. Scott knew there would be specific and deliberate steps he would need to identify and follow. He needed a plan that would work.

Conviction within the Clearwater C3 process means doing serious analysis and planning. It means having the patience and perspective to evaluate different paths forward. Conviction means having a profound set of beliefs regarding the right way to do things. For Clearwater Capital Partners, Conviction is the product of hard work, decades of professional experience, and a dedicated team serving 100’s of families over long spans of time.

Working as a single collaborative team, Clearwater Capital has developed a disciplined methodology for achieving Conviction for each individual client case. Only when Clarity is attained and deep Conviction for the best path forward is developed, can one fully Commit to a plan that will help them reach their goals.


Scott’s journey to become an astronaut did not come without adversity. Determined to begin his career as a Top Gun fighter jet pilot, Scott received a recommendation to the prestigious Air Force academy. Only then did Scott discover that he was just 1 inch too tall to fly for the Air Force. Rather than give up on his dream, Scott turned his attention to the U.S. Navy with different height standards and went on to fly f-14 fighter jets. But Scott’s journey to become an astronaut had one more setback. Scott was not accepted into NASA’s astronaut program on his first application. Only after the persistence of a second application was Scott accepted to a NASA class in 1994. Commitment to his dream of becoming an astronaut helped Scott overcome the inevitable obstacles and impediments he was to encounter along the way.

Commitment is the third and final “C” of Clearwater’s C3 process. Commitment is essential if we are to realize the potential of an intelligent plan borne out of Clarity and Conviction. Commitment means doing what is necessary to move forward, overcome complications, and patiently navigate setbacks. Commitment keeps us focused even when faced with unavoidable difficulties along the way. Clarity and Conviction are of little use without the Commitment to see things through.


Scott was a successful fighter pilot and distinguished test pilot for the U.S. Navy. As an astronaut he went on to fly four Space Shuttle missions—two of which he commanded. His contributions to the International Space Station and to the Hubble Telescope have been notable. While THINK18 proved to be a very entertaining and enjoyable night, Scott’s message was a serious and relevant one. He would not have achieved what he has without Clarity, Conviction and Commitment. We at Clearwater Capital Partners, along with the several hundred people who joined us for THINK18 want to thank Scott for inspiring us with his story, and for an evening we all will remember for a very long time.

How cool was it to meet a Top Gun fighter pilot and Hall of Fame Astronaut?